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emergency number

044 387 37 11

Telephone switchboard at the Hirslanden Heart Center in Zurich

Dr. med. Patrick Siegrist


2023 - today

Member of the Executive Board

2019 – today

2019 - today

Heart Center Hirslanden Zurich Practice opening 01.07.2019

2016 – 2020

Senior Physician Interventional Cardiology, University Hospital Zurich function in complex PCI/coronary interventions, special CTO program

2012 – 2016

Fellowship in Invasive Cardiology University Graduated School of Medicine and Suita Tokushukai Hospital, Osaka, Japan.

Apr – Jun 2014 Visiting Invasive Cardiologist, HSC Medical Center, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Apr – Sep 2016 Invasive Cardiologist Suita Tokushukai Hospital, Osaka, Japan


Heart Center Hirslanden in OA function

2003 – 2010

Residency and further training as a cardiology specialist University Hospital Zurich and Hospital Zollikerberg


Doctorate / Dissertation: Department of Nuclear Medicine, Cardiology, University Hospital Zurich "Influence of spontaneous and pacemaker-induced left bundle branch block on quantitative regional myocardial blood flow at rest and during adenosine and bicycle-induced hyperemia."


Internships in Cardiology/Hematology Mount Sinai School of Medicine, New York

1997 – 2003

Study of human medicine in Zurich

Studies & Diplomas

1984 – 1990 Primary school in Küsnacht, Switzerland

1990 – 1992 Secondary school in Küsnacht, Switzerland

1992 – 1997 Cantonal school Küsnacht (equivalent of high school and college)

Jan 1997 Matura Typus D (high school degree with modern languages)

Jan 1997 – May 1997 Military Service

Jun / Jul 1997 English course at English Language Center in Boston, MA, USA

Oct 1997 – Oct 2003 Medical school at the University of Zurich, Switzerland,

Mar / Apr 2002 Subinternship in Cardiology and Hematology, Mount Sinai School of Medicine, New York, NY, USA

Oct 2003 Graduation as MD at the University of Zurich, Switzerland

Dec 2010 Board Certification (FMH) in Cardiology, Switzerland

Oct 2011 – Dec 2011 Japanese language course at KAI Japanese School in Tokyo


Invasive cardiac examinations (coronary angiography, cardiac catheterization)

Interventional therapy of coronary artery disease (PCI with stent implantation)

Aortic valve implantation (TAVI surgeon)

Endovascular therapy of aortic aneurysm

ECG, stress ECG, long-term ECG, echocardiography

Care of adult patients with congenital heart defects


German, English, French, Spanish, Japanese


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2. The quantification of absolute myocardial perfusion in humans by contrast echocardiography: algorithm and validation. Vogel R, Indermühle A, Reinhardt J, Meier P, Siegrist PT, Namdar M, Kaufmann PA, Seiler C. J Am Coll Cardiol 2005;45(5):754-62

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5. Repeatability of Cold Pressor Test-Induced Flow Increase Assessed with H215O and PET. Siegrist PT, Gaemperli O, Koepfli P, Schepis T, Namdar M, Valenta I, Aiello F, Fleischmann SP, Alkadhi H, Kaufmann PA. J Nucl Med 2006;47(9):1420-6

6. Assessment of myocardial perfusion by dynamic O-15-labeled water PET imaging: validation of a new fast factor analysis. Adachi I, Gaemperli O, Valenta I, Schepis T, Siegrist PT, Treyer V, Burger C, Morita K, Kaufmann PA. J Nucl Cardiol 2007;14(5):698-705

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10. Effects of AV delay programming on ventricular resynchronisation: role of radionuclide ventriculography Siegrist PT, Comte N, Holzmeister J, Sütsch G, Koepfli P, Namdar M, Duru F, Brunckhorst C, Scharf C, Kaufmann PA. Eur J Nucl Med Mol Imaging 2008;35(8):1516-22

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Helene Frei


Medical practice assistant



Experience / Education

3-year training as medical practice assistant in the family practice of Dr. med. Thomas Frei in Meilen

1 year of professional experience in the group practice of Dr. med. Giuseppe Curcio in Tann

¾ year training as a technical surgical assistant in Zurich

Working in the practice of Dr. Siegrist since June 2021

Personal statement / motivation

I will greet you in a friendly manner on the phone and will be happy to coordinate your appointment requests. I take time for your concerns and can help with your questions. During your examination in our practice, it is important to me that you feel comfortable and taken seriously. Therefore, you are welcome to visit us as a patient.


German, English, French


T 044 387 37 11
F 044 387 22 40